Top 6 Best Air Conditioners In Malaysia 2020 [Reviews & Guide]

best air conditioners in malaysia

Feeling the heatwave in Malaysia? Given the recent climate change and rise in temperature, the answer to that is very likely to be yes. Excessive heat has been known to cause sluggishness at work and overall exhaustion. And as such, more and more people are getting Air conditioning systems.

Aircons help to reduce heat and regulate the temperature in a closed environment and getting one is essential especially in this period of heatwaves. But what there are things you need to look out for before buying any air conditioner. You have to look if it fits for your home, energy consumption, air quality, etc. Taking all these into consideration, this article will examine 6 of the best air conditioners in Malaysia for your comfort and utmost convenience.

Best Air Conditioners In Malaysia

1. Panasonic 1.5HP Inverter R32 Air Conditioner

Panasonic 1.5HP Inverter R32 Air Conditioner review
  • Auto comfort mode
  • Radiant and fast cooling systems
  • Nanoe G deodorizer

This Wall-mounted inverter air conditioner is a white stylishly designed device that will fit in well with the decor of your modern apartment. Built for comfort, this Panasonic aircon is one of the best inverter air conditioners you'd find around. It has a wireless remote control so you can tune it to your desired speed from the comfort of your couch. It has an LCD that shows these settings. It has both a radiant and fast cooling system that makes its airflow far-reaching and long-lasting.

The inverter control ensures that this item has high energy savings. The air filter system coupled with its soft dry operation mode ensures the air is always clean and dehumidifies the environment without much change to the temperature. The Nanoe G Deodorizer inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria and contaminants in a living space.

There is an Auto Comfort Mode that detects high levels of human activity and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The Econavi feature detects energy consumption and controls it to save energy.

2. Daikin Innovaire 1.0hp Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Daikin Innovaire 1.0hp Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Auto-restart with power surge protection
  • Iplasma technology and titanium apatite deodorizing filters
  • Innovaire technology

With an upgraded fan motor design, the Daikin wall mount aircon has a better air circulation than its predecessor. It can be set up to work quietly, as quietly as leaves rustling in the wind. The Iplasma technology and titanium apatite deodorizing filters purify the air of harmful contaminants and release clean healthy air. The deodorizing filters can last for 3 years, requiring a wash every 6 months.

Using the Innovaire technology, swing compressors and reluctance DC motors accelerate the cooling process and shorten the time the compressor uses to warm up and get to work. It also has a power surge protection feature.

There are 64 recovery patterns if there is a power failure. Plus the Intelligent Sense function adjusts the temperature according to the amount of human activity detected in the room. A timer setting can turn on and off the air conditioner in a 24hrs period.

3. York R410a Energy Saving Air Conditioner With Led Light

York R410a Energy Saving Air Conditioner With Led Light
  • Ionizing capacity
  • 5 star energy saving
  • Rapid cooling action

Elegantly designed, it's aesthetic includes a quiet mode and a hidden temperature display on a glass surface. The York R410a air conditioner has a 5-speed fan that cools a room very fast. A 3D air circulation feature ensures even distribution of cool air across the perimeter of the room. The aircon is powered by R410A an eco-friendly gas.

With an advanced compressor and technology, this is also an energy-saving air conditioner. You can improve your sleep experience with the quiet mode. The aircon doubles as a dehumidifier and has a timer setting.

The air direction control maximizes the circulation of the air from the unit and gives you the power to regulate the airflow. An auto-restart feature means the device can be powered on by itself after a power failure.

4. Mitsubishi R32 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Review

Mitsubishi R32 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner review
  • Nano Platinum filter
  • Blue fin condenser
  • Anti-rust outdoor design

Equipped with a nano platinum filter for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic dirt, the Mitsubishi non-Inverter R32 aircon comes in 1.0HP and 1.5HP depending on your preference. 

It is a powerful cooling aircon with high energy saving proficiency. Fitted with a non-inverter technology, it saves energy while retaining the power to cool a room fast. The airflow extends up to 8m ensuring the effect is felt over a long distance. It has a silent mode.

The Mitsubishi air conditioner is designed with removable components to make good cleaning. It can be left outdoors thanks to its anti-rust design which can withstand the elements. Its unique fan construction helps to project and deliver long airflows of up to 12 meters.

5. Hisense AN10DBG Air Conditioner Review

Hisense AN10DBG Air Conditioner Review
  • 100% copper pipes
  • Energy-saving up to 38%
  • Eco-friendly
  • Smart temperature control

The Hisense AN10DBG has its pipes made of 100% copper. This durable air conditioner uses an environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. This, however, takes nothing away from its cooling capability.  It comes with a Blue Fin compressor and an LED display.

The item is equipped with an air protection system that uses an ionizer filter and a high-density filter which removes dust and other airborne contaminants. It saves up to 38% more energy compared to other air-cons in its category. 

It has a smart sensor that detects high temperatures in certain corners of a room and directs cool air to those areas. Like many other energy-saving air conditioners, it has an auto-restart feature.

6. GREE Lomo-N GWC09-QB Air Conditioner

GREE Lomo-N GWC09-QB Air Conditioner
  • Innovative 1W transformer
  • Cold plasma air protection feature
  • Hydrogen ion air filter system.

The GREE Lomo-N air conditioner is non-inverter and runs on the R410A refrigerant. The condenser fin is making it durable and resistant to corrosion. The indoor unit is wall-mounted and it has a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU per hour. It uses a cold plasma air protection system that generates ions that inhibits microbes, attenuates dust particles and similar microparticles in the air.

The remote control possesses a sensor that monitors the surrounding temperature and sends a signal to the indoor unit to adjust the temperature following the detected changes.

When on standby, it consumes 70% less power than other air conditioners. It also comes with a self-diagnosis system that can detect issues and fix some of them. It has an LED display and timer settings. Its innovative 1W transformer makes it a power-saving device.


When searching for the ideal air conditioner, you put into consideration maintenance, comfort, energy-saving, affordability and ease of use. The above mentioned are some of the best air conditioners in Malaysia which meet these criteria. Irrespective of your needs or budget, we are sure that you will find a good one on our list. If you're looking for an aircon to battle the heatwave,  there's always one for you above.