6 Best Air Purifiers In Malaysia 2020 Reviews With Amazing Features

best air purifiers in malaysia reviews

Would it not be great if you can breathe the same kind of air you would in the amazon forest in your home? Oh wait, you can. Air purifiers are some of the best items you can gift yourself. They filter the air in your living space and are great during dust and haze. They are healthy for your general wellbeing.

As amazing as these products are, picking out one that would be great for your home can be daunting. You would want one that fits aesthetically into your living space as well as one which isn’t big or makes a lot of noise when it works. We are going to take you through some of the best air purifiers in Malaysia that we found.

Best Air Purifiers In Malaysia

1. Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM Review

Panasonic Air Purifier PSN-FPXJ30AHM Review
  • There is a filter replacement indicator
  • The dirt sensor and auto mode intuitively scan and clean the environment
  • There are sleep mode and child lock features

Recommended for a 20m2 sized room, the almost rectangular shaped air purifier is white with a gray carry handle that runs through its corners. The super Nanoe technology deodorizing purifier which lasts six times longer than the normal ion is intuitive and easy to use. The air filter gets into turbo mode when turned on and scans the environment for 10 minutes before returning to its normal speed of operation.

The auto mode is intuitive, it works fast or slow according to the level of pollution. While in sleep mode, the air filter works with all indicator lights turned off and goes off after 8 hours of continuous use. when the filter has reached the end of its lifespan, the purifier reminds you to get a replacement.

2. Sharp Air Purifier Anti-dust FPF40LW

Sharp air purifier anti-dust FPF40LW
  • Compact and simple design
  • There is a low power indicator
  • Energy-saving and quiet operation
  • Fan speed indicator

The sharp air purifier is recommended for a room not more than 30m2 in size. The white air purifier is portable and user-friendly. The 4.7 kg device has a simple and compact design. Made with high plasma cluster ion technology, the purifier powerfully and quickly removes airborne particles.

The sharp air purifier FPF40LW is equipped with some special programs which include haze mode, anti-dust mode, and clean ion shower. Despite its amazing features, the air filter works quietly utilizing very little energy. There is a fan speed indicator on the front panel. The filter is replaceable every 2 years.

3. Xiaomi Smart Hepa Air Purifier 2S

Xiaomi smart Hepa air purifier 2S
  • 360 degrees fan
  • Triple-layered filter
  • The OLED screen displays PM2.5 index
  • Light sensor

The Xiaomi smart air purifier is a white rectangular-shaped box with smooth edges. It can be controlled from your phone using the MiJia apps via a Wi-Fi connection. The 360 degrees HEPA filter is highly efficient for air cleaning. A triple-layered HEPA air purifier ensures adequate filtration of air in a given space.

It is improved with an OLED screen which displays temperature, real-time PM 2.5 index, humidity levels, working mode and Wi-Fi linkage. The fan speed can be adjusted. This smart air purifier has a light sensor that automatically adjusts to the luminescence of the room. This anti-haze air purifier is energy-saving and works quietly. The filters are quite easy to change.

4. Deerma F525S Air Purifier For Haze

Deerma F525S Air Purifier for haze
  • Air purifier, air humidifier and aroma diffuser in one
  • Turns off automatically when there's a water shortage
  • Water level indicator
  • 5L water capacity

The Deerma F525S Air Purifier takes the title of being the cheapest air purifier on this list. The price tag has nothing on this device. Perhaps owing to its price, the F525S is suited for small rooms. Asides purifying the air, the F525S doubles as an air humidifier and neutralize all unpleasant odor in your space.

The 5L water capacity can last for 10 hours which means you can have it on all night. You can sleep through the night as it works without noise. There is a water refill compartment at the bottom of the device and a tray for aroma oils. It comes with a water level indicator and if the water dries up, the device automatically shuts down. It increases the moisture in a space which makes it great for dry skin.

5. Dyson Cool Air Purifier Tower Filter TP03

Dyson Cool Air Purifier Tower filter TP03
  • Automatic night mode
  • Monitors and reports the quality of air
  • It can be controlled using the remote control or a Dyson Link app
  • Certified with the Quiet Mark and allergy-friendly

Dyson takes the crown for being the most expensive piece on this list. The high prized purifier is intuitive as it captures 99.95% of allergens and pollutants giving you a crisp, clean air. It is great for the summer as it captures the tiniest pollutants floating around it and gives an output suitable for the weather.

For all that money you get a device that monitors and reports air quality. At night, it automatically switches into night mode and works much quieter than it did during the day. The hollowed test tube-shaped air purifier has 3 times more granite than it's contemporary and captures harmful bacteria and particles quicker. It can be operated from an app or with remote control.

With its hefty price tag comes a 2-year warranty on the device, an endorsement from the Noise Abatement Society and certified allergy-friendly by Allergy Standards Limited.

6. Honeywell Car Air Purifier For Dust HAPC15

Honeywell Car Air Purifier for dust HAPC15
  • One button control
  • Easy installation and flexible replacement
  • Double layer filtration

The Honeywell black car air purifier can sit pretty on your dashboard as a book can. Looking like a purse, it is relatively easy to install. A long connecting cable gives you the freedom to place the device anywhere in your car. The car purifier has a double-layered HEPA filter that removes dust, odor, smoke and other pollutants.

It is powerful and can clean up an area of 3 cubic meters in 15 minutes. The easy to use HEPA air filter is controlled by one button which turns it on and off. Unlike many other products on this list, it does not have a display for many of the functions. However, it displays a filter replacement notification.


It sure won't hurt to improve the quality of air around you especially as summer approaches and brings with it, dust and haze. The air gets filled with all sorts of pollutants and allergens. With a purifier, you can transform the air you breathe even while you sleep. An air purifier removes pet hair and dander as well as smoke and odors.

You can reduce your asthma attacks and other allergies with an air filter. If you need one on the go or in your apartment there is an air purifier to choose from among our list of the best air purifiers in Malaysia.