7 Best Ceiling Fans In Malaysia For 2020 [Reviews & Guides]

best ceiling fans in malaysia

Malaysia is a country where the weather always remains humid due to coastline and every house needs a ceiling fan to keep the environment in moderate conditions. When fans become a need of every house then these should be selected with wisdom and care. Everyone can't afford an air conditioner due to high energy conservation and efficiency. The major benefit behind using ceiling fans in Malaysia is that it conserves energy, which isn't that possible with air-conditioners. Ceiling fans occupy less space because these can be set on the roof rather than on the floor.

However, an interesting question arises here: how one can get the best ceiling fan in Malaysia? Every brand is giving a tough time for users to decide the best quality piece for their homes. For that reason, we made it easy for you by compiling a list of the best ceiling fans available in the market.

Best Ceiling Fans In Malaysia

1. DEKA F6 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

DEKA F6 5 blade ceiling fan

DEKA F6 is featured with 4-speed functionalities and highly powered motor. It is available in 56" diameter that lets airflows in all directions. It comes with 20% extra airflow and a 3-years warranty that lets users use it and have a good experience.

All features are remotely controlled at different distances. Variable speed settings allow users to set their room speed at a high, low and moderate level. It consumes 75W power and 56 inches blade sides. Fan cooling and other functionalities are controlled via a timer.

Product features and Assets 

  • Remotely controlled functions
  • 4-speed
  • 3-years warranty
  • Highly powered motor
  • 56” diameter
  • 20% extra airflow

2. Elmark BEE 36 Mini Ceiling Baby Fan

Elmark BEE 36 mini ceiling baby fan

Most of the time mini ceiling fans come with 50” blades that can occupy more space. It's difficult to find a baby ceiling fan in a smaller size that can be fitted in less space with all of their proper functionalities.

Elmark BEE sounds good for bad ceilings too. It has 36" ABS blades that are powerful and compact in its design. The advantage of having this in your house is it can punch big packs of air in every direction and let your room cool.  It would be a perfect choice regarding if you are looking for a mini ceiling fan for your small-sized room in less budget range.

Product features and Assets 

  • 18W LED with three light colors warm white, daylight and cool white
  • Free battery
  • 36 inches ABS blades
  • 3-years motor warranty
  • 1-year accessories warranty
  • Its assets consist of Elmark baby ceiling fan, instruction manual, 2 warranty card, battery, and remote control

3. Panasonic F-M14D5 Bayu Ceiling Fan

Panasonic F-M14D5 Bayu ceiling fan

F-M14D5 Panasonic Bayu ceiling fan is equipped with caring sleep mode, which creates an optimal sleeping environment to conserve energy. Five blades design help to let air flow smoothly and strongly. Its functions are controlled by remote with 1, 3, 6 hours timer and its functionality is enhanced with a cut-off blade safety plate.

Panasonic adopts safety measures to prevent any hazardous incident and blade hooks prevent it from falling off. Safety fuse prevents its motor from overheating.

Product features and Assets

  • Featured with additional cut-off safety switch
  • Sleep timer
  • 5-blade design
  • Remote control functions
  • Enhanced safety features
  • 3-preset speed selection
  • Equipped with enhanced blade safety plate and cut-off safety

4. Milux MCF-C212LGM Ceiling Fan With Lights

Milux MCF-C212LGM ceiling fan with lights

Milux brand has manufactured a powerful ceiling fan that has a feature of a built-in light kit. It is associated with three various lamps with which you can get facilities of the E27 light bulb.

That's why it is called a light kit fan because 3 bulbs can brighten up your room. Apart from it, people like to have it due to its cooling powers. It creates gusts of winds with each spin of aerodynamic blades.

Product features and Assets 

  • Extra safety cable
  • 188 powerful motor
  • Light kit
  • Infrared remote control in three varying speeds along with timer functionality
  • Assets consist of 3 lamp casing, 1 fan regulator set, 1 manual book, 1 Milux ceiling fan, and 1 warranty card.

5. Inovo P56560 Ceiling Fan

Inovo P56560 ceiling fan

P56660 Inovo 5 blades ceiling fan runs on 3 variable speed. Its strength and versatility are due to 5 blades that are compact and strong. Inovo has built its trust among users and now providing ceiling fans with 5 years warranty.

Product features and assets 

  • 3 variable speeds
  • 5-years warranty
  • 5-blades
  • Assets consist of 5 blade ceiling fan of Inovo brand with P56560 model in black color

6. Elmark EL 92154 Ceiling Fan 

Elmark EL 92154 ceiling fan

Elamrk brands have continued their legacy and still providing the best and quality piece of use. EL 92154 ceiling fan's diameter is 54”, which punches the air in all directions. 5 acrylic blades help it to rotate with high speed.

3 years warranty on the motor is the proof of quality and stability by the Elmark Malaysia.

Product features and assets

  • 188 super motor
  • High-speed AC motor
  • Air-flow design
  • Remote control functionality
  • 54” diameter
  • 3-years warranty
  • 1,3,6 hours timer function
  • Assets box comprises of the user manual, warranty card, and EL 921 ceiling fan and remote control.

7. KDK K14Y5 Remote Ceiling Fan

KDK K14Y5 remote ceiling fan

KDK ceiling fan is built on modern designs with two color options. It'is designed to gain smooth and strong airflow. Lots of features can be controlled via remote and not only this but speed can also be varied at different levels.

The cut-off switch proves the best safety feature of it. Its security and safety features are enhanced with cut-off safety devices and blade safety plates.

Products features and Assets

  • Modern and versatile design
  • Two-color options
  • The 5-blade design strategy for smooth and strong airflow
  • 1-3 speed control functionality along with sleep mode
  • Remote control function with 1, 3, 6 hours
  • Featured with additional cut-off switches
  • Enhanced with a cut-off safety device
  • Enrich with Blade safety plate
  • Asset box includes warranty card, user manual, and of course KDK K14Y5 ceiling fan.


The technology trend has moved people to do online shopping and now it has become a trend of purchasing daily routine items online. People in Malaysia tend to buy ceiling fans online that needs the best guide of ceiling fans from which they can dive into specs and features of the product.

The above guide consists of best ceiling fans in Malaysia at reasonable prices that save time for you.