6 Best Espresso Coffee Maker Machines In Malaysia 2020

best espresso coffee maker machines in malaysia

Brewing your coffee is a hands-on process that you can enjoy anytime. If you like black coffee, cappuccinos, or floating, you can achieve all this more easily. Coffee machines are of different types, and they help in making work easier either at home cafeteria or at the office.

When making espresso and other long drinks is a straight forward process with a coffee maker. Therefore, the processes have been made easier by the modern and highly economical machines that are easy to operate. Here are the best coffee machines in Malaysia that you can use.

Best Coffee Machines In Malaysia

1. Philips HD7431 Coffee Maker (Black) 

Philips HD7431 Coffee Maker review
  • Has high capacity
  • It comes with a water level indicator
  • It has a detachable filter holder
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

This coffee machine prepares aromatic coffee. It is made of the smart nozzle from inside. This ensures the jug of the coffee maker has even circulation of the coffee flowing inside to retain its aroma. Besides, it has a drip-stop feature for pouring coffee before the brewing circle is complete. All parts of this coffee maker are washable hence ensuring easy cleaning.


  • It has an aroma twister that circulates the coffee of maximum taste through the nozzle inside the jug.
  • It has a drip-stop for pouring coffee any time before brewing is complete.
  • It contains a LED power switch that lights up when you switch the coffee maker, therefore the button illuminates when the coffee maker is on.
  • The dishwasher safe parts make cleaning easier.
  • It has a compact size that can serve 2- 7 cups with minimal space in the kitchen.
  • It has a water level indicator for more comfortable and natural filling.


For large family members, the Philips HD 7431 coffee maker is appropriate based on its features. It can be used in diverse places for preparing coffee.

2. DeLonghi ECP-3321 Manual Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ECP3321 Manual Coffee Machine review
  • Compact and sleek design
  • It has a fantastic espresso taste
  • High capacity boiler
  • Great customer support
  • Extended warranty

The DeLonghi coffee machine has an excellent combination of products inside. It also has an attractive design with many features for making a perfect foam as well as coffee.


  • It prepares delicious coffee faster, and once you taste the coffee you will feel a pro taste in no time.
  • Although it takes some time to learn how to use the machine, once you familiarize yourself, the whole process becomes fantastic.
  • The machine does not have any sound, and it has a capacity boiler for preparing more than one coffee at a time hence saving waiting time.


The quality of the product lies in the satisfaction it offers to the consumer. Therefore, every consumer will value the machine based on the quality of coffee produced.

3. Morphy Richards Accents Red Espresso Coffee Maker 

Morphy Richards Accents Red Espresso Coffee Maker review
  • Steam wand.
  • It has 15 bar pressure.
  • It accommodates up to 1.25L.

Murphy Richards is a petite coffee machine that is relatively easy to use as well as convenient when booting. If you need a casual coffee maker, with certain specifications such as less space on the worktop, this machine is the best choice. However, there are other options out there for coffee lovers, especially if you do not mind about getting a flash looking one.


  • The machine has good looking out cover.
  • It has a convenient reservoir system.
  • It is simple to operate even without the experience of using such machines.


This machine may not be fit for serious coffee fans; however, the accents espresso maker is small, practical and cute.

4. Delonghi Espresso Coffee Barista Machine EC 685.R

Delonghi Espresso Coffee Barista Machine EC 685.R
  • Descaling digital character.
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Separate heating and frothing options.
  • Customized coffee settings
  • The ability to use personal coffee at the ground size.
  • Made of SS materials

Delonghi Dedica is another great coffee maker. It is in the form of a conventional pump. Although it is small in size, it has exceptional coffee making abilities. This may be excellent when comparing it with other big machines.


  • It has a silver metallic body that promotes premium and shiny designs. The body also helps in suppressing the noise from the pump.
  • It has an ECP that works silently. However, not all materials are made metallic for coffee flow diverter. The water tank of the machine is made from plastic.
  • The plastic material is replaceable with the metallic counterpart if you wish to do so.
  • Besides the water tank, all other parts are metallic.
  • It has a faster heating time and a boiler that produces coffee of two people at a go.


Before acquiring this barista coffee machine, it is essential to know the number of people that you want to serve. This is because of its small size. And because of this, it may not be fair to a large community but suitable for a small group in case family members.

5. Wilk Mini Hand Pressure Portable Coffee Machine

Wilk Mini Hand Pressure Portable Coffee Machine review
  • Makes pretty good espresso
  • Has a portable design
  • Simple and faster to use
  • Hand-operated coffee machine

When you are going away for some time, space and weight are the most significant factors while choosing your travel equipment. Hence, the Wilk mini coffee machine is appropriate in this case. It has been designed as the smallest, versatile and handheld coffee machine in Malaysia.


  • Evolutive and convenient- it does not require compressed air or electricity for it to operate. Therefore, you can easily prepare the coffee you need.
  • With multiple water tanks, you can enjoy a variety of the espresso type.
  • Easy usability-Besides being pleasant, it is easy to use because of its sleek and modern design.

6. NESCAFE Mini Me Capsule Coffee Machine

NESCAFE Mini Me Capsule Coffee Machine
  • Applies a wheel interface that has 7 LED display for setting control
  • Prepares both cold and hot coffee drinks
  • Switched to standby mode if not in use for 5 minutes
  • The Thermo block mode removes preheating needs

This is the most recognized brand of a coffee machine in Malaysia in the market. The coffee can either be classic, bold blend, or even the choice of your own. Therefore, it is with no surprise that this Nescafe coffee maker applies the most common machines to its Dolce Gusto Capsule based coffee system. Nespresso is known as a capsule for coffee connoisseurs. Hence, it is aimed at satisfying the consumer's needs by providing good coffee.


  • It is stylish and funky- Based on the design of the machine, it is evident that it is a good-looking machine. This is because of the rounded organizing style that makes it stands out.
  • It is easy to get started with the machine- This is because it is fully assembled with different height depending on the amount of drink to prepare.
  • High quality of coffee- The quality of coffee from the machine is fantastic, with a simple structure and process of preparing that makes the coffee of high quality.
  • Mild drinks-Dolce Gusto does not use milk; this, therefore, saves the consumers from filling milk jugs and washing them later as well as ensuring the milk is not spoilt before getting it back in the fridge.


Dolce Gusto coffee maker is a versatile machine that prepares a decent espresso. However, the fans of cappuccinos, as well as lattes, may be disappointed in what is offered by Mini-me. This may, therefore, be worse when checking its price in the market.


Overall, coffee machines have been in existence for a long time; however, finding a machine that fits your needs is not possible. But, with the above best coffee machines in Malaysia list, you will get what you wantWe assure that this list of coffee machines will help you in making the right choice. So, pick your favorite one and make your coffee brewing experience amazing.