Best 6 Power Banks In Malaysia 2020 Reviews (Up To 20000 mAh)

best power banks in malaysia

We all are living in the 21st century where everything is being done with the rocket's speed. A person of this era can’t afford his cell phone to die at any time especially when he is a businessman and managing setups from different locations. The dead cell phone is a sign of heavy loss even when you're camping out, traveling in a car or visiting a hill station. Never let your phones die when you're surrounded by a cool piece of technology i.e. power banks. Power banks make your life easier by holding a charge of your cell phone. Technology has also confused people that they mess up their mind while choosing the best power banks in Malaysia. Well, here is the list of top popular power banks:

Best Power Banks In Malaysia

1. Xiaomi 10000mAh Portable Power Bank 2

Xiaomi 10000mAh Portable power bank 2

Xiaomi 2 is considered as the best travel companion due to its portable power bank with dual USB ports. It gives high-speed charging and ensures you make your busiest days free from the hustle. The standout feature is 2 USB ports with 10000mAh capacity with which you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The benefit of having this is that it can save you time by delivering fast and efficient charging.

Product’s features and assets

  • Ports: It consists of dual USB ports.
  • Casing: Its body is made up of aluminum alloy.
  • Battery: It works on lithium polymer battery cells.
  • Power input: It needs 18W power input.
  • Output: 2-way quick charge way.
  • Asset: It includes a user manual, USB cable, and a Xiomi Mi2 power bank.
  • Dimensions: The product is available in 147 x 1.2 x 14.2 mm dimensions with 200g weight.
  • powerIQ: It has 5V – 2A/9V -2A/12V -1.5A power input and output is of 5V -1.5A.
  • Capacity: It can store 10000mAh charges in unit time charging.

2. Pineng PN-969 20000 MAH Power Bank

Pineng PN-969 20000 MAH power bank

More than 100 million users trust the quality and charging speed of Pineng PN-969 power bank. Desiring and the standout feature is the intelligent identification system that makes it different from others.

The benefit of having this device in your bag is that it has an embedded micro control unit within it that maintains the charging system effectively.

Product’s features and Assets

  • Assets: It package box includes Pineng PN969 power bank, micro USB cable, user manual, and a pouch bag.
  • Capacity: It can store 20000 mAh charges.
  • Display: It gives a new LED digital display.
  • PowerIQ: It demands DC 5.0V2A input powerIQ and 5V/1.0A output powerIQ.
  • Battery: Ultrathin power bank installs Lithium polymer cells inside of it.

3. Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi wireless charging power bank

Xiaomi Mi power bank has been proved as the strongest power bank brands so far. Features that make it stand out are 10w wireless charge which means the phone can be charged when it is put on instead of connecting through cable, charge 3 devices simultaneously through 1 wireless and 2 USB ports, smart chips that ensure security level and Qi wireless standards.

The strong grip makes it beneficial for users due to its aluminum metal casing that prevents it from falling or collision.

Product’s features and Assets

  • Assets: Its package includes a powerbank, a USB cable and a user manual for instructions and guidance.
  • Capacity: Its battery can store 10000mAh charges or 3.7V.
  • Interactive interface: It has USB-C as an input interface and USB-A/USB-C as an output interface.
  • PowerIQ: It needs 5V 3A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A as input powerIQ and output powerIQ is different for every port.
  • Dimensions: Available in 147 x 71.6 x 18.4 mm dimensions.
  • Charging mode: Devices can be charged in wireless charging power bank, USB-A charging and USB-C charging mode.

4. Aukey PB-XN10 Type C Ultra Slim Power Bank

Aukey PB-XN10 Type C Ultra Slim power bank

PB-Xn10 10000mAh is C type ultra slim power bank that can charge your phone at full 5V 3A and 15W speed. Its compatible and durable USB ports enhance its charging speed and the major benefit of having Aukey model power bank is it allows two phones to simultaneously recharge with a 2.4A combined output.

Dual ports can be utilized at the same time. It has a protection system that activates built-in safeguards to protect devices against excessive current. Excessive current causes overheating and overcharging which in return becomes a cause of defects. Its Aipower technology stands it out among multiple power banks that are tuned enough to give maximum charge rate for all kinds of ports.

Product’s features and Assets

  • Input type: It has three input types like Micro USB, USB, and Type-C Input type.
  • Battery type: It functions on lithium-polymer battery type.
  • Ports: It has a total of 2 ports that support USB and another type of external device.
  • Warranty period: Manufacturer of model PB-XN10 has provided 18 months’ warranty.
  • Charging: It charges fast and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

5. Yoobao YB-S10K Fast Charging Power Bank

Yoobao YB-S10K fast charging power bank

Yoobao has introduced a new way of charging through power banks plus charging base. Separate cable from power bank means messing up your mind in finding here and there. YB-S10K gives you freedom from separate data cable due to its built-in cable feature.

It comes along with three different types of cables depending upon the type of your phone, you can select the right one among them. Cables are of lightning, Cable-C and micro output type.

The benefit of having Yoobao power bank is that the cable can be replaced with another one and you can charge your phone with that wire. Its standout feature is a fast and efficient charging technique; it can charge iPhone 7 in 1/2 hour.

Product’s features and Assets

  • Assets: Its package includes yoobao S10K 10000mAh power bank, a user manual of instructions and guidance and USB charging wire.
  • Dimensions: The product is available in 156 (L) x 77 (W) x 13(H) dimensions with 220g weight.
  • Battery cell: It operates on lithium polymer battery cells.
  • Capacity: It has 10,000mAh power capacity with maximum rated input DC 5V/2.0A and output is DC 5V/2.0A.
  • Charging cables: It comes with three types of built-in charging cable i.e. lightning output, micro output, and type-c output.
  • Fast charge: 2A quick charge smart chips are embedded in it that can charge devices in minimum time with maximum power.
  • Charging mode: Power bank can be recharged with a cable or a charging base. It has only 1 port.

6. Anker A1230 PowerCore Small Power Bank

Anker A1230 powerCore Small power bank

If you want to purchase power bank in minimum range with maximum and efficient output, then you may look for Anker powerCore. These are well built, compact and support quick charging.

It supports two way charging through the power outlet and charging phones. People tend to buy this due to the easy user interface and affordable prices. The desiring feature due to which it has been sold like the hot cake is its capacity to store charges.

Product’s Features and Assets

  • Capacity: It can store 10050 mAh charges or in other words 36.18Wh.
  • Dimensions: This type of product is available in 96 x 61 x 22 mm dimensions and weighs 195 g weight.
  • Input: It requires 5V=2A / 9V=2A for initiation.
  • PowerIQ: Two types of powerIQ are associated with power banks. The input is 5V=2A / 9V=2A which becomes 18W and the output powerIQ is 5V=3A / 9V=2A /12V that comes out as 18W.
  • Ports: It has only 1 port to charge.
  • Battery type: Its architecture includes lithium-ion battery type.
  • Assets: Its assets consist of Anker powerCore || 10000 portable chargers, welcome instruction guide, micro USB cable, travel pouch and 18 months’ free assurance slip.


Mobile phones have become a need of anyone and we all are addicted enough that we check out our cell phone before and after the bed. We browse the internet, wake up alarms, video chat, messaging, calling and many other activities that we tend to perform.

Indeed, Mobile phones have entered in every daily life activity then their batteries should last till you get back to your home. Power bank seems a best friend of a cell phone because it keeps it alive. It saves you time and reliable because it reduces your dependency from electric outlets. Try to select the best power bank in Malaysia for yourself by going through the above list.