Best 6 Electric Pressure Cookers In Malaysia Reviews in 2020

best pressure cookers in malaysia

Do you need a kitchen assistant to make your cooking easier? With so much to do, we're left with little time to prepare meals. Thankfully, the pressure cooker has come to shorten our cooking time while holding in all the juicy nutrients.

However, there are a lot of brands on the market and finding the right pressure cooker for your needs can be a herculean task. Is it intended for personal or commercial use or do you need it to entertain guests? How much does it cost and how expensive is it to use? To answer these questions, we're going to have a look at some of the best pressure cookers in Malaysia.

Best Pressure Cookers in Malaysia

1. Midea Pressure Cooker MY-12LS605A

Midea Pressure Cooker MY-12LS605A review
  • LED display
  • 11 menu presets
  • 10 safety features
  • One year warranty period
  • Pressure indicator

This premium quality stainless steel pressure cooker is easy on your wallet as it is to use. The 6L instant pot is great for preparing meals for your family. With 11 menu presets and 10 safety features, you are sure to get the best use out of this pot. There is a pressure indicator that shows the pressure level.

A one year warranty period is slapped on the cooker so you can rest assured that your purchase is authentic. The LED digital display is of great assistance when you are preparing your meals. With a wattage of 1000, you can surprise your friends and family with quickly cooked tasty meals. All you need to do is throw in your ingredients, choose your preferred menu setting and watch the pot get to work.

2. Philips Electric Pressure Cooker 5.0L HD2136

Philips Electric Pressure Cooker 5.0L HD2136 review
  • Large easy to read display screen
  • 24 hours preset timer
  • Computerized interface
  • It has a baking feature

The midrange Philips pressure pot has all the basic features and more. This 5L smart intelligent cooker is perfect for couples just starting out and do not want to spend a lot of time cooking. While the majority of pressure pots require some form of liquid, the Philips cooker has a baking feature for that added crispy taste. It can be used as a rice cooker to cook rice, stews and soups as well as for baking.

The nonstick pot is made from stainless steel to be durable. The computerized interface makes cooking easy. It has 59 minutes and below adjustable pressure period. You are sure to experience a fast, healthy and convenient solution to your cooking problems. It has a shiny silver finish with a fitting black lid. Here are some users review to aid your purchase decision.

3. AMGO SH-80S Pressure Cooker Review

AMGO SH-80S Pressure Cooker Review
  • 8 Cooking Programs
  • Digital LED Display and Control button
  • 3 Level mouth feel and 6 Pressure Timer selections
  • Dry cooking option
  • Accompanying accessories include spoon and measuring cup

When you think instant pot, think AMGO. The 6L electric pressure cooker is made from top quality stainless steel to be durable. The nonstick aluminum inside is great for cooking soup, stew porridge and even dry cooking. This affordable pressure cooker has 8 cooking programs for rice, stew, meat, porridge and more. A beautiful black finish is topped with a shiny silver lid.

It comes with a LED display screen for setting the timer, and 3 level mouth feel choices. In addition, It features a selection of 6 pressure timers and a keep warm button. Hours after your meal is cooked, you can simply hit the keep warm button and get your meals steamy.

4. Butterfly Non-stick Pressure Cooker BPC-28A

Butterfly Non-stick Pressure Cooker BPC-28A
  • It comes with a safety window
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • It comes with a safety valve, a self-locked valve

This is not a simple electric pressure cooker but it makes its way into our list for its high-end quality. Since 1935, Butterfly has carved a niche for itself as a producer of affordable pressure pots. The simplistic pressure cooker is built with safety in mind. This is not surprising as Butterfly brings its experience and expertise into creating a pressure pot that is safe to use. With thin walls and a thick base, meals are cooked quickly and properly with minimal burning incidents.

Made from durable aluminum, the 11 L nonstick pressure cooker is laced with safety features at every turn.  The silver pot has pitch black handles to give it that striking appearance peculiar to it. There is no timer or cooking programs. But Butterfly makes up for this with its aircraft industry-standard safety features. The silicon ring is airtight and makes for easy opening and closing of the instant pot.

5. Primada Pressure Cooker PC6010 Review

Primada Pressure Cooker PC6010 Review
  • 24 hours preset timer
  • 9 menu buttons
  • One-touch start button
  • Double safety protection features

Make your cooking life easier and faster with the Primada pressure cooker which cuts your cooking time up to 70%. The 6L ergonomically created stainless steel pot is durable and can be used to cook just about any meal. The thick base of the pot increases the heat and reduces your cooking time. This energy-saving pot has a silicon ring that locks in moisture and is easily removable for cleaning.

This silver cooker with black lid comes with an extra anti-scratch 304-grade stainless steel pot designed for cooking dishes with bones and double-boiled. The primada pressure cooker is great for cooking rice and porridges and equally very easy to clean. You can expect your meals in this pot to stay warm for 24 hours.

6. Cornell CPC-E60C Ceramic Pot Pressure Cooker

Cornell CPC-E60C Ceramic Pot Pressure Cooker
  • 9 menu buttons with indicators
  • 16 free accompanying recipes
  • Lid locked detector indicator
  • Accompanying Accessories includes a Stainless Steel Steam Rack, a Measuring Cup and Scoop

Cornelle CPC-E60C electric pressure cooker is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to cut down cooking time. This 6L pressure cooker has 9 menu buttons, each with its own indicator. It has a 24 hours preset time and 9 safety measures so you can use the instant pot peacefully. The stainless steel cooker has a nonstick ceramic coated inner pot.

It can be used for pasteurization, cake, slow cooking, preheat and stir fry purposes. It comes with 16 free recipes so you never run out of ideas on how to make the best use of your pot.


We have looked at some of the top best pressure cookers in Malaysia . However, the choice of a pressure cooker is highly dependent upon the size and number of people it is intended for. Your budget plays a key role in deciding what option you settle on. There is a smart cooker that would fall within your price range.

Similarly, the meals you intend to prepare would decide the pressure cooker you would get. Would you opt for a Butterfly that builds up a lot more pressure than the other electric pressure cookers which do not require a source of heat or the opposite?