Best 6 Rice Cookers In Malaysia You SHOULD Get In 2020

best rice cookers in Malaysia

As Asians, rice is a staple food in our diet. We can have rice in all our meals as well as a dessert (rice pudding) or snack (rice cakes) and never get enough of it. Therefore, that shows how significant it is to have a rice cooker in your kitchen. A good rice cooker will always ensure your cooked rice turns out to be fluffy, warm and complements just about any gravy or dish. With just a few button clicks, the rice cooker works wonders providing you with a hassle-free feast.

With so many rice cooker brands available in the market, it becomes quite hard to settle on the best brand. Almost all the brands offer similar features and benefits, making it overwhelming to know what to look at when purchasing one. Worry not, as we have compiled the top six best rice cookers in Malaysia along with their features and benefits for you to have an easy time purchasing one. 

Best Electric Rice Cookers In Malaysia

1. Elba Mini Rice Cooker ERC-D1233

Elba Mini Rice Cooker ERC D1233 review
  • Durable body
  • One-button for reheating and cooking
  • The inner pot is coated and non-stick

It is a mini rice cooker that not only cooks rice but also can be used as a food jar. Therefore, you can use it as a lunch box. The rice cooker can cook for up to three portions of rice.

On top of that, it's suitable for the preparation of porridge. It makes it great for offices without microwaves or for a day at the park. Its compact size makes it easy for you to carry around.

On average, it cooks your rice in about fifteen to twenty minutes. That depends on your cooking capacity. Since it is suitable to be a lunch box without mess, it can accommodate two-pax consumption. On top of rice and porridge, you can use it to steam eggs, vegetables and make soup and stew. The inner pot is coated; therefore, it makes it a non-stick rice cooker, which is easy to clean. Additional features include;

2. Philips Non Stick Rice Cooker HD3115

Philips non stick Rice Cooker HD3115
  • Two years’ warranty by Philips Malaysia
  • Advanced cooking system
  • High non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • 800W power

It is one of the rice cookers that conducts and retains heat more evenly thanks to its non-stick and anti-scratch 5-layer inner pot. Yes, a 5-layer inner pot. With such a great interior, it delivers hot fluffy, delicious rice for up to 24 hours. Nonetheless, thanks to its 1.8L capacity it can cook up rice enough for 10 people; hence, making it an excellent option for bigger families.

The famous Philips Hd3115 adds a smart heating system to this model to ensure each grain of rice cooks well in the evenly distributed heat. That means yo can cook a large portion without having doubts about the taste and quality of rice you'll serve your family or guests. Plus, It can keep your rice warm for up to five hours.

3. Milux Multi-function Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703

Milux multi-function Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Power of 200W

Are you looking for a mini multi-function rice cooker with a beautiful design? If yes, then get yourself this Milux Mini Rice Cooker MRC-703, which will fit right in your stylishly furnished kitchen. On top of that, it comes with a transparent glass lid to allow you to monitor the progress of the cooking. Therefore, no need to open the lead after every minute to check your food.

With its five preset programs, you can use it for cooking rice, noodles, porridge, soup, and even steam meat or vegetables. Its non-stick coated inner pot ensures your rice does not stick to the base as it cooks. Nevertheless, it is easy to clean and wash. Thanks to the tempered glass, you are safe from burning yourself as a result of the heat emitted when you lift the lid up. One cannot go without mentioning its affordability that will genuinely not leave a dent in your pocket. 

4. Panasonic Stainless Steel Rice Cooker SR-E28A

Panasonic stainless steel Rice Cooker SR-E28A
  • Built-in thermal fuse
  • Keep-warm function
  • Doubles up to steam dishes or boil soup

For those looking for a stainless steel rice cooker, this is for you. This model from Panasonic is designed to be a hassle-free rice cooker that gives you perfectly cooked and fluffy rice. It is an ideal rice cooker for medium-sized families as it has a 2.8L capacity.

The SR-E28A is not left behind when it comes to versatility. It's because you can cook your rice, boil soup, and steam fish or vegetables all from this equipment. The lid is made of metal, allowing it to withstand high heat safely. Its keep-warm functionality allows you to cook the rice before doing other things like preparing the dinner table. It is indeed a great tool for cooking rice both for home and commercial kitchen use. 

5. Tefal Ceramic Small Rice Cooker RK5001 Review

Tefal ceramic small Rice Cooker RK5001 review
  • Preset function for convenience
  • 3D heating
  • IMD panel and LCD
  • Removable inner lead

It is a ceramic rice cooker with a 2-mm thick and 5-layer ceramic pot for even cooking. What makes it stand out is the Fuzzy Logic technology it employs. This technology makes this small rice cooker suitable for cooking a variety of different kinds of rice. On top of that, it comes with eleven preset programs to enable you to cook brown rice, instant noodles, and porridge.

Tefal adds an exciting feature to this model, which is a diamond coating in the interior, which helps to prevent the food from sticking to the base. Its compact design allows you to keep it anywhere you desire. Additionally, the small size ensures you don’t overcook and prevents you from unnecessary wastage of food.

6. Philips Rice Cooker HD3129 Review

Philips Rice Cooker HD3129 review
  • Copper outer coating
  • Smart 3D heating system
  • Fully detachable inner lid
  • Power of 400W

Lastly, on our top six recommended rice cookers, is this electric rice cooker from Philips. For the first five rice cookers, we had steel, ceramic, and diamond used as the coating in the inner pot. However, Philips raises the bar by giving us an anti-scratch five-layer golden inner pot. That makes it conduct and retain heat evenly. With that, you get hot, fluffy, and delicious rice for up to 48 hours.

The HD3129 uses smart 3D heating, making it perfect for automatic cooking. You have no oven mitt, no problem as all its handles stay cool throughout the cooking process. Therefore, no accidental burns caused by touching the handles. The extra thick alloys also ensure the handles remain cool at all times, making it easy to remove the inner pot. 

Plus, the rice cooker comes with a 2.0L capacity which is equivalent to 11 cups of rice and can serve up to 11 people.


There you have it – the best rice cookers in Malaysia. We've simplified it for you. And out of the many brands available, we've picked the top six for you to choose from. Thanks to rice cookers, cooking rice has become so easy today. Don't be left out; grab one today, and get to enjoy the benefits.