7 Best Water Filters In Malaysia 2020 Comparison & Reviews

best water filters in malaysia

A saying goes that you get what you pay for. Is this true when it comes to water filters? Water filtration has seen a surge in recent times thanks to its efficiency and ability to provide safe and quality water. They are a great way to filter particles, dust and chlorine from household water.

Finding one that fits your needs is no piece of cake. It is, however, good to know that the best products are not usually the fanciest or most expensive. We will take a look at some of the best water filters in Malaysia and help you narrow down your choices.

Best Water Filters In Malaysia

1. Panasonic Water Filter TK-CS20 (6L)

Panasonic Water Filter TK-CS20 (6L)
  • 6L per minute capacity
  • Upscale and compact
  • Powdered activated carbon and non woven fabric filtration system

The sleek white cylindrical shaped water filter can be used indoors and outdoors including narrow spaces. It has a metal outlet pipe that can rotate 350 degrees in all directions. Producing 6L per minute, the high capacity filter is powered by powdered activated carbon and non woven fabric.

The powdered activated carbon has an impressive self-cleaning property. It removes chlorine, controls pH and absorbs impurities such as dust and mold. The non woven fabric, on the other hand, provides an outstanding filtration performance when it comes to coarse particles in the water.

As there is no filter replacement notification, you may want to change the filter after 12,800 liters. Plus, it can be used as a water dispenser.

2. Coway P07IU Water Purifier Review

Coway P07IU Water Purifier Review
  • Multi-step Purification Technology
  • No energy source needed for filtration
  • Compact size

The metallic cylindrical water purifier comes in a handheld compact size and without a storage tank, provides 4L of water in a minute. Owing to its design, it can be placed anywhere from under the faucet in the house to a campsite in the outdoors. The SF purification system which is activated with carbon removes chlorine, organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, dissolved inorganic pollutants and other harmful impurities.

The multi-step purification technology ensures that you get top quality water at the end of the process. The water filter does not require a power source to work. It is pretty easy to use, install and maintain. When the parts need changing, a filter replacement indicator tells you it's time.

3. Joven JP200 Water Purifier

Joven JP200 Water Purifier
  • Easy to Install
  • Dual Function Selector Valve
  • Triple-Layered Non-Woven Fabric Filter
  • Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe

The Joven JP200 aligns with other products in this list that are stylish and compact. The simply designed water purifier is cylindrical and has a stainless steel outlet. Made from food-grade plastic, the water filter is fit for human consumption. The JP200 has a 3 layers non woven fabric filter that keeps dust, organic and coarse particles and other harmful contaminants away.

The white ergonomically created water purifier sieves out chlorine 99.95 of the time. It has a dual function selector valve which allows you to choose between filtered and unfiltered water. It is recommended that you use the unfiltered water for chores such as doing the dishes and the filtered water for drinking and cooking. You can never go wrong with this water filter as it comes with a user manual for easy installation.

4. 3M CTM02 Water Filter Review

3M CTM02 Water Filter Review
  • Countertop installation
  • Certified by NSF standards 42 and 53
  • Cartridge replacement indicator

3M brings its over 75 years of experience into this list with the countertop water filter. The white cylindrical water filter is ergonomically created to fit seamlessly into your home without the need for drilling. It has a water outlet shaped like the cup handle of an umbrella placed upside-down. The CTM02 is fashionably designed and can fit into your home decor.

Beyond its modernistic design, the CTM02 water filter has a high-efficiency carbon block which removes chlorine, odor, lead, carbofuran, mercury, lindane and other harmful chemical substances. Besides, the CTM02 is tested and certified by NSF standards 42 and 53. It has a water flow rate of 2.8L per minute. There is a cartridge replacement indicator that notifies you to change the cartridge filter.

5. Pensonic Water Filter PP-123

Pensonic Water Filter PP-123
  • Double purification system
  • CTO Carbon block and coconut shell activated carbon
  • Polypropylene filtration
  • Double filtration cups

If you want an affordable solution to your water problems, Pensonic is the answer. The PP-123 has a double filtration system which ensures that you get water that has been purified twice. Sitting on a metal connector are two cylindrical shaped purifiers. The metal base transforms into the metal outlet on one end of the filter.

The PP-123 is reinforced with 100 percent coconut shell activated carbon which removes chlorine, color, odor and other harmful materials. A second polypropylene filtration provides efficient treatment and rids the water of metals and organic toxins. If improving the taste of your water is paramount in your search for a water filter, this is a good choice for you.

6. 3M AP902 Outdoor Water Filter Review

3M AP902 Outdoor Water Filter Review
  • Advanced filtration
  • Tight lock on the filter
  • It comes with installation accessories
  • NSF standard 42 certified

If you need a water filter that will purify the water flow into your household, the AP902 is the best choice for you. This outdoor water filter purifies the water supply to your entire household. The blue cylindrical outdoor water filter has a 304 stainless steel head and a die-cast zinc latch for locking. This is to prevent all leakages and ensure maximum output.

A non-woven pleat media minimizes residue to as low as 5 microns. The output rate is 20 gallons per minute (GPM) or 75.7 liters per minute (LPM) to meet household and commercial demands. There is a one-year electronic countdown timer attached to the filter. It comes with installation accessories and has a Sanitary Quick Change SQC design. The cartridge filter can work efficiently for about 2 years although this is highly dependent on the usage and quality of water in your area.

7. Pensonic Water Filter PMP-15 

Pensonic Water Filter PMP-15
  • Ceramic filtration system
  • 15L a minute capacity and Filter Capacity of 71L a day
  • There is a push button to access filtered water

Made from durable food-grade plastic, the Pensonic water filter is white and transparent. Pensonic stays true to its reputation of producing high-quality products for a fraction of the price of competitors. The parts are removable for easy cleaning. It has a ceramic filtration system and a large capacity of 15L a minute. While the majority of water filters have an outlet pipe, the PMP-15 has a faucet. Like a tap, you push a button to access water.

The PMP-15 water purifier runs on electricity and this is quite limiting. It cannot be used in areas without a power supply. However, it is recommended that users boil the water in the case of drinking, to kill bacteria.


Knowing what your water needs are will play a big role in the choice of water filters you settle for. Each water purifier is more adept at removing some pollutants than others. Do you want a model that serves just the kitchen or the whole household? How about the one you can always have with you on the go? Knowing the quality of water in your area will ensure you pick a model out of our list of the best water filters in Malaysia that is great at tackling your peculiar problems.