Best 6 Water Heaters In Malaysia (2020) For Bath And Shower

best water heaters in malaysia

After a stressful day at work, you will be doing yourself a great favor by heading straight to the bathroom for a bath. To make the bath worth it, there is a need to have a perfect water heater to help achieve the intent.

Malaysia has a weather and climate which is tropical year-round, allowing for a mild cold temperature. A warm bath will always take care of every cold feeling and that will be made possible with a viable shower water heater.

However, finding one with the right features is not a breeze. This article is intended to take care of the stress of choosing the best water heater in Malaysia from among the hundreds available in the market.

Best Water Heaters In Malaysia

1. Midea MWH-38Q Shower Water Heater 

Midea MWH-38Q Shower Water Heater review
  • Shower spray with 5 different patterns
  • Strong booster pump for low-pressure situations
  • Dual heating elements

You can never have a boring bath with the Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater because of its ability to provide cold and hot water. It can change to either of them in the blink of an eye. It is suitable for those who usually move out early as they can have quick baths with dual heating elements and a shower spray. Its showers are regarded as rain showers.

In cases of low water pressure, the strong booster pump of the MWH-38Q shower water heater is the solution. It can pump water as low as 1.2L/min. For easy and better usage, the MWH-38Q Water Heater has got 5 patterns. These include a soothing, massage, standard, combo and jumbo for a more pleasurable experience.

2. Alpha 18I Plus Smart Water Heater Review

Alpha 18I Plus Smart Water Heater Review
  • Inverter DC pump
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Thermal cut out
  • Pump activator

The Alpha 18I smart heater is advanced to anticipate and meet the needs of users. It has a  microchip on board that monitors safety status as well as performance levels before and during activation. It is equipped with an intelligent auto test feature that provides all-round protection to the heater.

Safety is the watchword of Alpha when it comes to the 18I plus. It has an autotest feature that checks for leakages and an ELCB which cuts current supply when a leakage is detected.

Also, it is constructed with nylon glass fiber which is a non-conductive material and serves as an added insulation from electric shocks. It is constructed with the standard Splash-proof IP25 for the stoppage of water leakages from getting into the heaters electric mechanism.

An inverter DC pump saves energy while an electronic temperature control provides easy control of temperature. Low water pressure has got nothing on this shower as the pump activator makes it ideal for such areas.

3. Joven I90P-RS Instant Water Heater 

Joven I90P-RS Instant Water Heater
  • In-Mould Casing Technology
  • Stepless Electronic Power Control
  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • Shower On / Off Safety Switch
  • FCF Valve

With a Slim Slider Bar Set Design, this sleek shower has a unique design and an adjustable push-up or down shower holder. The Flexi-hose is made from durable, safe material that is triple-layered. The Joven I90P-RS instant water heater has a stylish in-Mould casing technology that is compact and easy to use. The electronic power control ensures an ideal shower temperature and saves energy.

It comes with an IP25 splash-proof protection which has extra seal protection in line with international best practices. A one-touch on and off switch saves energy and water as well as doubles as an electrical override switch.

An FCF Valve has a built-in water filter and volume control system. Besides, its 5 Click Select spray pattern will meet your desired settings each time.

4. Centon Instant SR711 Water Heater (Serene Serie) 

Centon Instant SR711 Water Heater (Serene Serie)
  • Two pump modes - AC & DC
  • Triple function stop valve
  • Double function Thermostat
  • 6 years warranty

Centon pays keen attention to your safety from a scalding and electrical hazard. It comes with a flow sensor that cuts off power supply when the water flow is not as required by regulations.

Electronic control gives you the freedom to regulate water temperatures. A double function thermostat gives you the ability to cut off power and water supply if water temperatures are unusually high. In all of these, it has the standard IP25 protection to keep your water heater safe and for longer.

This Centon water heater from Serene Serie comes with both an AC booster pump or a DC silent pump. If you want your water to heat in no time you can use the loud AC pump while the DC pump is a great choice for silent slower water heating. A triple function stop valve filter water regulates water flow and ensures smooth water control. It has a multi-spray handset and an optional rain shower Set.

5. Joven 880P Hot Water Heater With Pump 

Joven 880P Hot Water Heater With Pump
  • Build-In booster Pump
  • IP25 splash-proof protection
  • 5 massage spray modes
  • Stepless Electronic Power Control

Made from durable, hygienic and safe materials, the white triple-layered water heater has a 5 pattern luxurious massager with click select. This hot water heater has a classic slider bar set that comes with a soap tray. It has a stylish jomet color casing and the IP25 splash protection to keep water away from the electrical core of the instant water heater.

It controls shower temperature with the stepless electronic power control. A built-in EELS system protects the heater from a sudden power surge and has an automatic electrical leakage detector.

Joven 880P water heater has a quarter-turn SF valve which acts as a water filter, stop valve and water volume control. The built-in booster pump comes with a double ball bearing making it an ideal choice for areas with low water pressure.

6. Panasonic DH-3RL1MW R Series Water Heater Review

Panasonic DH-3RL1MW R Series Water Heater Review
  • Built-in water filter
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • 9 Safety Points
  • Sirim Certified

You will love the design of the 3600 w instant water heater which is easy to use. You can be sure of total safety from fire incidents with its self fire extinguisher and non-combustible materials. Panasonic R Series DH-3RL1MW instant water heater is built to prevent electric shock as well as preventing water splashes into the unit.

It has no jet pump but its ability to heat water in good time makes it a good choice for home use. It is Sirim certified and has 9 safety points. It has a one-way shower head and electric power control. The built-in water filter is easy to clean.


The above are some of the best water heaters you can find in Malaysia. Knowing the many brands of hot water heaters in the country, the pressure of having to examine each one before making the right choice has been helped by this research.

After thorough consideration and analysis of your financial strength, the size of your bathroom, your desired features, and other factors, the next step is to head straight to an online store to pick up one of the best water heaters in Malaysia. Bear in mind that a good and enjoyable bath is essential for a healthy living.